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  • Door Stopper

    • door-stopper HHDS13
    • door-stopper HHDS13
    • door-stopper HHDS13
    • door-stopper HHDS13
    • door-stopper HHDS13
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    door-stopper HHDS13

    • Product description: Wall Door Stopper Stainless Steel Wall Mount Brushed Finish Door Stopper Rubber Tip
    • 1. High Quality: AISI304 stainless steel, healty and environmental. It has passed a variety of test and quality certification and achieve 5 grade corrosion resistance.
    • 2. Simple and Practical: Expansion rubber plug, stainless steel screw and anchor bolt make it easy to be installed in the wall or door, firm and reliable.
    • 3. Rational Design: The rubber tip can act as a buffer, sturdy base can reduce the presure. Brushed finish and chamfer design make it concise and beautiful.