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  • Door Stopper

    • door stopper HHDS04
    • door stopper HHDS04
    • door stopper HHDS04
    door stopper HHDS04door stopper HHDS04door stopper HHDS04

    door stopper HHDS04

    • Product description: Non-Slip Heavy Duty Rubber and Stainless Steel Door Stopper Wedge Doorstop
    • STRONG AND DURABLE - Made of high quality zinc and rubber, these hard metal door stoppers don't rust or lose their shape over time.
    • -WORKS ON ALL SURFACES - Carpets, hone, parquet, marble or granite floors, no matter the surface, these premium door stops don't slip.
    • Ideal for homes with a toddler or a pet, this rigid door set also comes with a FREE door pinch guard to protect those tiny fingers
    • This decorative doorstop features a stunning silver and black design that doesn't look bulky or out of place. It even shines at night!
    • -MULTI-PURPOSE USE - From stopping a side door, wide door, kitchen, bedroom, home or office door to keeping windows open, this large door stopper kit has so many uses.