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  • Door Stopper

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    door stopper,HHDS03

    • Product description: Door Stop Wedge, Rubber Door Stopper with Holders for Tiles, Carpet, Wood, Gement and Laminate Floors

    EASY TO USE - insert the wedge door stop TIGHTLY into the gap between door bottom and floor, and pull back against the door stopper, please try reverse side(bottom up) to insert if it does not works properly, it is no need to drill a hole in wall or door to install it, what a house friendly gadget.

    SECURE STABILITY & AVOID SLIDING - This Door Stoppers are made of a Durable, Odorless and Intensively Tested Premium Rubber that will last and function for many years to come. They are designed to securely wedge even the heaviest doors on any floor surfaces. The heavy rubber material provides an optimum friction effect to fix the door dead in its tracks!

    NON-TOXIC MATERIAL - Being made of premium quality TPR rubber, these stopper has features of high elasticity and high wear resistance and good slip resistance, so that it fits multi kinds of floors and additionally it is non-toxic, do not worry if your baby put it in mouth.