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  • Door Stopper

    • door stopper,HHDS01
    • door stopper,HHDS01
    door stopper,HHDS01door stopper,HHDS01

    door stopper,HHDS01

    • Product description: Door wedge, Non slide Modern Design Doorstop with Tall Rubber holder black

    Material: natural rubber, innocuous and environmentally friendly, and equipped with a stainless handle for hanging the door stopper and stopping the rubber from deforming

    Why Choose Us:

    • Stable and non-slip - ensure the ultimate gripping force and keep the doors firmly in place, prevent slipping or slipping of the door
    • Environment TPR material No smell and no scratches anymore on your floors
    • wooden door, metal door, glass door, self-closing door and so on (stick to tiled floor)
    • Strong resistance - Surface wave texture design, increase resistance.

    - Safe, environmentally friendly and durable.our door stoppers are made of black TPR, handle material :Stainless steel
    - With good quality, these door handles can be even after years.

    - Color black
    - Material Type: Black TPR, Handle Material: Stainless Steel
    - Product dimensions: (W x H x D): Approx. 5 x 3 x 12 cm

    We can do The Size according to your requirement .