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  • Holder/Organizer/Hook

    • Mop Broom Holder HHH07
    • Mop Broom Holder HHH07
    Mop Broom Holder HHH07Mop Broom Holder HHH07

    Mop Broom Holder HHH07

    • Product description: Garden tool holder, Garage / Shed storage, wall mounted organiser with 5 holders (brooms, tools, mop) .

    Material for the Frame A3 cold rolled sheet

    Material for the Clip : 65 manganese spring steel and TPR

    • Garden or household tool holder. This organiser can be used in the kitchen, laundry, garage, garden, shed
    • 5 pole holder  all in the one unit.
    • Easy 'Push & Click' Holding System
    • Metal frame, friction grips. Screws included.

    This wall-mounted garden or household tool holder is excellent for keeping your home and garden organised and tidy. Can be used to grip brooms, mops and other tools.
    This easy to use organiser will help with your storage problems, and ideal for use in the laundry room, kitchen area, garage or garden shed. Simply insert the handle into the friction-grip and the object will be held securely in place.
    (Fix 2 screws to hold the wall mount organiser to ensure strong and sturdy holding.)