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  • Holder/Organizer/Hook

    • Mop Broom Holder ,HHH05
    • Mop Broom Holder ,HHH05
    • Mop Broom Holder ,HHH05
    • Mop Broom Holder ,HHH05
    Mop Broom Holder ,HHH05Mop Broom Holder ,HHH05Mop Broom Holder ,HHH05Mop Broom Holder ,HHH05

    Mop Broom Holder ,HHH05

    • Product description: Plastic Suction Cup Mop Broom Holder Wall Mounted Garden Tool Hanging Rack with 3 Position
    Clip MaterialTPR 。

    Frame Material :ABS Plastic

    Suction Cup Bearing Weight Up To30KG。

    We can do the number of the Grips ,the color for your requirement .

    Wy Choose Us :

    Features of tool hanger garage: No nail or drilling needed; Easy stick and non-trace; Harmless for the wall space, safe and stable; Kitchen&Bathroom, stick everywhere, washable, repeat stickers
    Wall garden tool organizer rack is good for kitchen, bathroom, garage, office and so on; Tidy up your broom, mop, rakes, tools and more
    Scope of application for the corner shower shelf: apply for smooth and level surface such as ceramic tile, glass, painting, stainless steel, cement wall emulsioni paint, plastic acrylic etc.