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  • Holder/Organizer/Hook

    • Mop Broom Holder ,HHH02
    • Mop Broom Holder ,HHH02
    Mop Broom Holder ,HHH02Mop Broom Holder ,HHH02

    Mop Broom Holder ,HHH02

    • Product description: Multi-functional Mop Rack Senior Aluminum Clip On Broom Holder and Garden Tool Organizer for Rake or Mop Handles and Many Handy Tools,Broom Mop Holder Organizer Garage Storage Hooks Wall Mounted 4 Pos

    Adjustable Hooks:Can Adjust the position of holder,grips can be moved horizontally on the frame to accommodate different sized tools.
    Low Weight:Space aluminum is a kind of lightweight materials,and create a silver white metallic look.

    We can do the Grips and Hooks according to your requirement.

    Why Choose Us :

    Organize your broom closet, kitchen, garage, basement, or laundry room with this sturdy and versatile storage solution.
    The friction-grips clamp down securely on broom or mop handles, adjusting automatically to the handle's thickness. The weight of the item only tightens the grip, yet they release instantly when the handle is lifted.
    Four friction-grips and five hooks, all in one unit. Use the hooks to hang buckets, rags, brushes, etc.
    Strong and sturdy; made from aluminum alloy and tough ABS plastic, this unit can support up to approximately 70 lbs (30 kg).
    Use it in the garage or gardening shed to hang heavy shovels, rakes, etc.