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  • Holder/Organizer/Hook

    • Mop Broom Holder ,HHH14
    Mop Broom Holder ,HHH14

    Mop Broom Holder ,HHH14

    • Product description: Over The Door Hook ,Heavy Duty Organizer for coats/towels/clothes/wreath

    Why Choose Us:

    • 1.No screws, no drilling holes, free installation to maximize your storage space !---Just simply hang it Over the door hook on your door, Turns Mess into Nattiness in a minute!
    • its top flat part is designed to left enough space to allow you to close&open the door smoothly without any sticking or scraping, just exactly the same as without anything (without the over door hook) on the door.
    • Our door metal hooks won't let you down - literally! Unlike plastic hooks which snap easily, our strong and durable over the door hook fits snugly over different door widths to make it the most versatile door hook around!
    • All you need is a door - no hardware required! Hang towels, bags, toys, purses and more....the possibilities truly are endless with each over door hanger hook!