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  • Products

    • Air Plant Holder  HHAP07
    • Air Plant Holder  HHAP07
    Air Plant Holder  HHAP07Air Plant Holder  HHAP07

    Air Plant Holder HHAP07

    • Product description: Rustic Hanging Geometric Shape Rustic Style Freestanding Hanging Metal Tillandsia Air Plant Rack Holder Planter
    • Scandinavian style traditional geometric iron ornament, a great accents in office and the sitting room as a decoration or air plant cultivation.
    • Beautiful rustic style decorative hanging / freestanding metal air plant rack holder for indoors, gardens, or patios.
    • Allow you to hang this planter pot from any branch, eave, or ceiling.
    • Shape:octahedron
    • Height: 15cm, length of each side:9 cm