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  • NEWS

    We will join Hardware + Tools Middle East 2018

    Hardware+Tools Middle East is the region’s only dedicated trade fair for Tools, Hardware, Materials and Machinery. The show represents vital aspects of this ever-growing industry to network with international manufacturers and suppliers, find a variety of brands across cost ranges and evaluate the market.

    The 2017 edition, concluded a successful three days of busy networking featuring 166 exhibitors including internationals brands such as Bosch, Hitachi, Wiha, KNIPEX, 3M, Nito Kohki and more.

    The show welcomed 3,244 exporters / importers, distributors, retailers, contractors, fabricators, consultants and industry professionals.

    Our Booth No:F22

    Please welcome to visit us.

    Mob:   +86-15868960536
    Phone:+86-(0) 579-85053671
                +86-(0) 579-85053610
    Fax:    +86-(0) 579-85053610


    Contact Us

    Contact: Frank-Loong

    Phone: +86-15868960536

    Tel: +86-(0) 579-85053671

    Add: A58 Tonghe Road, Xinwu country ,Choujiang District ,Yiwu City,Zhejiang Province